The Library has fifteen general-use computers in the Adult Reference Area for the use of patrons over the age of 12. These computers have internet access as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office programs. Some are equipped with FrontPage, Publisher, Access; if you need a specific program, please ask a librarian.

Computer FAQs

Q.) What do I need to use a computer?

A.) You must have your valid library card, which must be in good standing, or other valid ID. If your library card is not from this library, it may hold reciprocal privileges. If you do not have a library card that can be used, you may be issued a visitor card. Except for homework use, anyone under 18 must also have permission from a parent or guardian on record.

Q.) When can I use a computer?

A.) Computers are available on a "first come, first served" basis during the library's operating hours. All public computers automatically shut down about ten minutes before the library closes. A sign-up station is used when all the computers are occupied.

Q.) How much time do I get on a computer?

A.) Each computer session is thirty minutes*. Library card holders are allowed to use four sessions (2 hours) a day. Visitor cards are allowed two sessions (1 hour). Our computers automatically end your session after thirty minutes if someone is waiting for an available computer. If there is no one waiting for an available computer, your session will be automatically extended before the end of your current session. If you need to complete something that requires more than the allotted time, please ask the Librarian before beginning your session to see if accommodations are possible.

Q.) What about printing?

A.) You can print up to five pages per day at no charge. Additional pages are 10¢ each. You can pre-pay or pay after printing, at the front desk. To make payments, you will need to present your library or visitor card. We can only accept cash for printing payments, and these payments cannot be refunded. There is one public printer for all the public computers in the Adult Reference Area. This only prints with black ink, and only on the library-provided 8½" x 11" paper.

Q.) What about saving my work?

A.) Please bring your own disk/flash drive if you need to save anything. The library does not give out or sell disks. The library computers are not equipped to save to CDs, and our newest computers do not have floppy disk drives.

Q.) Can I listen to something on the library computers?

A.) You may plug in your own headphones at any public computer. The library does not provide headphones, and the computers are not equipped with speakers.

*In addition to the general-use computers, we have an Express Station which can be used for one 15-minute session: It is not connected to the Sign-Up Station (it is first come, first served) and is meant only for those needing one quick turn. It is connected to the same automated computer managing system as the other general-use computers; it requires a library card number to use, and any time used on and any printing done from this computer is counted on your library record in the same way.

Our Reference Room also has a research computer dedicated to database use with access to JerseyClicks, EBSCOHost, HeritageQuest, and other research tools including a microfilm reader. The librarian is available for assistance with this machine.


A public scanner is connected to our Express Station computer; all computer use rules apply (see above). We strongly recommend that you bring your own disk/flash drive to save any items you would like to save; please know that scanned items will need to be saved before being emailed. Please feel free to ask a librarian for help or any questions you may have.

Wireless Access

While in the library, you may connect automatically to our wireless service with your personal laptop or other wireless device, no password needed. This service is courtesy of Power to Learn Internet Services, Cablevision, the New Jersey State Library, and Infolink, the Eastern NJ Library Cooperative. Power to Learn Internet Services and Cablevision have provided an acceptable use policy that can be obtained in the library.

Teen Room Computers

The computers in the Teen Room are available on school day afternoons or during school breaks for the exclusive use of students in grades 6-12: all teenagers in these grades are asked to sign up with the librarian in this room when it is open for them (usually from 2:30 until 6:00 p.m., when school is in session).

Children's Room Computers

The eight computers in the Children's Room are for kids under the age of 13. They can be used for browsing, gaming, or doing homework. Any child wishing to use a computer must sign up with the librarian.