NASA @ My Library

Upcoming Programs

  • Telescope Night
    Tuesday, November 29 (rain/cloud date Nov. 30) at 6 p.m.

    All ages are invited to the library's Telescope Night! With the help of an astronomer from Pearl Observatory, we will view the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus! Registration is full as of 11/15; contact or call 732-745-5108 x31 to join the waiting list.

Past Programs

New Brunswick Free Public Library will have more STEM programming for all ages soon, as a NASA @ My Library partner

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Go to for live coverage related to the James Webb Space Telescope!

Webb's First Images Expert Panel Discussion:

Webb's First Images Expert Spanish Panel Discussion:

Watch the James Webb Space Telescope Launch (recorded December 25, 2021):

Watch Looking Deeper into Space with James Webb Space Telescope (live streamed Oct. 13, 2021).

View more James Webb Space Telescope videos from James Webb Space Telescope Videos

Learn more about the James Webb Space Telescope:

  • Where is Webb? - This data-driven infographic shows the status of Webb on its journey to L2 orbit. The page constantly updates as Webb travels, deploys, and cools to operating temperature.

  • Webb's Launch - From arrival at the ESA launch Facility in Kourou French Guiana, through launch and deployment, this page is your starting point for exploring Webb's launch and commissioning.

  • What Is the James Webb Space Telescope? - This page is a more kid-friendly introduction.