Free Income Tax Filing Assistance

Due to COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions, the 2020 income tax filing season will look very different. The library is again partnering with Beta Alpha Psi at the Rutgers Business School, as well as the United Way of Central Jersey (UWCJ), for the annual VITA program; this year, however, there will be no in-person tax filing at the library. Filing will be done remotely after documents are dropped off, by appointment only, in the VITA lockbox in the library's lower/side vestibule (near the meeting room), beginning on February 1 (this start date was delayed due to the winter weather) and ending April 8, 2021. Details are as follows:

Download a checklist here to see what documents you must drop off. (En espanol: Lista de verificación de preparación de impuesto.)

Taxpayers must submit, along with their tax documents, the following:

Physical copies of these forms are available in the lockbox location, or you may print them out yourself. The linked/printed copy of Form 14446 has been filled out with pertinent details of this VITA site and the procedures that will be followed; you must sign this form to give consent to have your taxes filed in this way.

Call 732-745-5108 x25 to make an appointment to come to the library's lower/side entrance to pick up these required forms or to drop off your documents. Please note that if you need to pick up these forms, you will need to take them to fill them out at home (or outside of the library) before enclosing them with the rest of your documents; this means you will need to make two appointments, one for pick-up and one for drop-off. We ask that anyone entering the library's vestibule be considerate of other appointments that require this library entrance.

Please be sure to have a way of securing all of your documents together (large envelope, bag, etc.) before dropping them into the lockbox. Please also make sure that your contact information is written clearly on the Intake form.

UWCJ/VITA personnel will be contacting tax filers after documents have been dropped off, and will schedule an appointment for documents to be picked up once preparation is completed. The lockbox will be emptied by UWCJ staff. Beta Alpha Psi students will be handling the filing of returns through March 30, other VITA personnel will prepare returns after that date. Please allow at least one week after documents are dropped off before expecting tax returns to be completed.

The library staff has no way of accessing the contents of the lockbox, and is not able to answer any tax filing questions. Please read the details listed in Form 14446 if you would like more information on this remote tax filing process. Please contact the United Way of Central Jersey with any questions the library cannot answer: call 732-247-3730 and leave a voicemail for a callback.

United Way VITA Online Platform

United Way of Central Jersey continues its free VITA tax preparation using an Online Platform for households & individuals with Income of $65,000 and less. This platform requires patrons to give consent, and to upload their documents to a secured portal site with United Way. Taxpayers can expect a 7-10 day turnaround. This program is FREE, and open to all regardless of county or state.

*NOW WITH ACUITY ONLINE REMOTE SCHEDULING: or call United Way of Central Jersey at 732-247-3730 and leave a voicemail for a callback. OR send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any issues scheduling an appointment.

~ En español

El United Way of Central Jersey continúa su preparación gratuita de impuestos VITA utilizando una nueva plataforma en línea para hogares y personas con ingresos de $ 65,000 y menos. Esta plataforma requiere que los usuarios den su consentimiento y carguen sus documentos en un sitio de portal seguro con United Way. Los contribuyentes pueden esperar un cambio de 7a 10 dias. Este programa está abierto a todos, independientemente del condado o estado, GRATUITO.

*AHORA DISPONIBLE CON LA PROGRAMACIÓN REMOTA EN LÍNEA DE ACUITY: o llame a United Way of Central Jersey al 732-247-3730 y deje un mensaje de voz y le devolveremos la llamada. O envíe un correo electrónico a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. para cualquier problema con la programación de una cita.

Other Income Tax Information

Please visit the NJ Division of Taxation website for state-specific information.
Please visit this IRS page to see about filing your federal return online.