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Membership & Borrowing

People who live, work, own property, or attend school in the City of New Brunswick may register for a library card without charge. It is encouraged that those who work, own property, or attend school in New Brunswick, but do not live in New Brunswick, use their hometown library card if New Brunswick Free Public Library has a borrowing agreement with that library.

Anyone having a valid library card from within the Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium (LMxAC), Raritan Valley Federation of Municipal Libraries (RVF), Middlesex Union Reciprocal Associated Libraries (MURAL), or an Open Borrowing Participating Library may use that library card at this library. (Please ask about possible restrictions or requirements.) To find out if your specific library is included in one of these organizations, see below for a list or call us at 732-745-5108. Our general rule is: Anyone having a valid library card from another library that accords New Brunswick residents' privileges equal to that of their own residents may use that library card at this library. Residents of communities that restrict privileges to New Brunswick residents will have their privileges similarly restricted.

Individuals who do not meet the above requirements may register for a library card for an annual fee.

Lost or stolen library cards should be reported at once. A nominal fee is charged for a replacement card.

Library cards do expire, and must be renewed (not replaced) every so often. Please remember to update the library with any change in contact information, so that we may better serve you. (Feel free to review the full Circulation and Registration Policy here.)

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Reciprocal Libraries

Libraries of Middlesex Consortium (LMXAC)

Raritan Valley Federation of Libraries (RVF)

Middlesex Union Reciprocal Associated Libraries (MURAL)

[Some LMxAC libraries are also in MURAL and/or RVF, but were not listed more than once here. Here are PDFs of the lists of all MURAL libraries and RVF libraries.]

Open Borrowing:

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How To Apply For A Card

If you live in another New Jersey community, your hometown library card may be valid here. If you do not have a card from your hometown library, we may ask you to please obtain one. This helps us to keep accurate records.

To apply for a library card, you must have two valid proofs of identification, at least one showing your current address. Examples of valid ID include, but are not limited to, the following:

·County ID
·Credit card statement
·Bank statement or check
·Utility bill
·NJ driver's license

If you are a non-resident applying for a free card, you must show proof that you work or go to school in New Brunswick, such as a work or student ID, or a letter on company or school letterhead. Non-resident cards are usually not honored in other libraries.

Our library card gives you full access to the services of this library. You may borrow books, magazines, videos, audio books, and other materials. The librarians in the Reference Room and Children's Room are available to help you find the material or information you want.

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Materials And Loans

Materials available for loan at the New Brunswick Free Public Library include: Fiction and Non-Fiction Books; Magazines; Encyclopedias; Literacy Materials; Entertainment and Informational DVDs; and Fiction and Non-Fiction Audio Books. Find out more on our Library Materials page.

Most materials circulate for 14 days, but there are exceptions. Please check each item for its due date. Items can be renewed in person, by telephone, or online using the catalog, if they are not on reserve or otherwise restricted. Fines will be charged for overdue items.

Payment Methods
The library can only accept cash or checks at the Circulation Desks. As of March 2013, however, our circulation system provider, LMxAC, has released SmartPay for the member libraries. SmartPay allows library patrons to pay library bills online with a credit card. Patrons can use SmartPay from home or via a library public access computer. The LMxAC servers will not store any credit card data. To access SmartPay, click the link on the online catalog, or you may use the following direct link:
~ Click here to go directly to SmartPay.

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Reserves And Inter-Library Loans

Books and other items that are not immediately available at the New Brunswick Free Public Library may be reserved by filling out a request at the Reference Desk. The Reference Librarian will search for the material at all libraries within our consortium first, and, if not found there, within our Interlibrary Loan network.

Patrons may also place holds on books through the online catalog using their library card number and PIN (if you do not know your PIN, please contact the Reference Desk at: 732-745-5108 x20). Borrowers will be notified by telephone or email when the material is available.

Patrons are now able to place their own Interlibrary Loan requests on JerseyCat, as well. This should only be done after searching all libraries within the LMxAC online catalog. Only New Brunswick cardholders are entitled to this service. Borrowers will be notified by telephone or email when the material is available.

To place a request in JerseyCat, you simply search for an item, select the item you want, click the "Request This Item" button, and type in your information (including name, library card number, and a password you will create.) For more detailed instructions, you may download our patron request how-to guide.

Please note: A limited time is allowed for pick-up once a borrower has been notified that requested material is ready for pick-up. (Typically, books are held for three days and videos are held for one day.) There will be a charge of $1.00 per item not picked up. If you place a hold or InterLibrary loan request, do not cancel the request, we obtain the item for you, and then you do not pick it up, a $1 fine will be placed on your account. To clarify: You can cancel a request online, over the phone, or in person. If you realize you no longer want an item you requested, you should cancel the request before the item becomes available for you to pick up so as to avoid this charge.

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Reference Services

The library has staff members specially trained in children's, adult, and young adult services to handle questions and requests for materials. The Library subscribes to print and electronic indexes that provide citations to newspaper and magazine articles on a variety of subjects. Articles can be obtained in print, microfilm or online format. As a member of the New Jersey Library Network, the New Brunswick Library has the power to go far beyond its own doors to provide the information needed. To find out more about electronic materials, check our our Online Resources page.

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Accessibility Services Information

"A person's right to use the library should not be denied or abridged because of disabilities. The library has the responsibility to provide materials 'for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves.'" (From an Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights.)

Library Intern Jodi Silverman created this brochure (click to download the PDF) to highlight some services that enable accessibility in various ways. Featured websites are listed here:

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